About Kinosereda

Kinosereda is an educational project founded by the non-governmental organization "Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema (CUC)"; in 2017. Kinoseredas are held as public film events; however, they presuppose something more profound than regular screening.

Kinosereda has been created for the audience from every corner of Ukraine and Ukrainians who live abroad. We encourage as many people as possible to take an interest in the Ukrainian film industry; we shape and preserve mutual values in the perception of Ukrainian cinematography, supporting amateurs by involving them in productive discussions.

The project's objectives include development and support for young artists aged 18-35 that explore the industry, and promotion of their creative activity, the emergence of new collabs, experience exchange, and formation of civil society values in Ukraine.

About Kinosereda

Outline of Events for this Month

The first Kinosereda is a screening and discussion at Kyiv House of Cinema (offline) and Ukrainian online platforms.

The second Kinosereda is an online workshop by a representative of the Ukrainian film industry.

The third Kinosereda is a public talk at our partner venue with a live stream.

The fourth Kinosereda is an online read-through for scripts created by young writers.

About Kinosereda

The Format of Events

Kinosereda will take place on Wednesdays in spring 2021.

We will provide our visitors with the most comfortable environment for quality film screenings and participation in workshops, public discussions, and acquaintance with the film community members. We will ensure COVID-19 precaution during every offline event.

Kinosereda aims to help amateurs develop their projects since they will receive support and inspiration from their experienced colleagues. Access to events of Kinosereda is free. Anyone can join the screening at the House of Cinema or аn affiliate platform, as well as live workshop streaming, read- through, public discussion after a prior registration on the website.

All events will be held in Ukrainian with simultaneous English translation.

About Kinosereda

Collaboration with Vagabond Café

The organizers from CUC have been working with Vagabond Café for several years now, making it possible to hold Ukrainian movies and joint parties there. We are indeed engaged in different spheres, but we have similar approaches to creative thinking. We got together because the global crisis made businesses search for new opportunities, unite to support like-minded people, and develop projects of considerable importance to society. Culture and art must become a means to solve problems in different areas of public life. We act together to enhance cross-sectoral cooperation and contribute to partnership development.